We offer speaking, consulting, and training that aids in the development of a collaborative culture for sales, and for organizations overall. Recognizing that each organization faces a unique set of challenges and opportunities, we customize our services to ensure maximum value to our clients.


We offer consulting for leaders and sales professionals, focusing on sales growth and organizational success through strategic employment of the “1 & 1 make 11” collaborative approach.


We provide one-on-one and group coaching for business leaders and sales executives in the areas of collaborative selling and ‘Thrive11’ culture that inspires cohesiveness, significantly contributing to organizational success.


We provide training in two areas: “Collaborative Selling” and “Collaborative Organizational Culture”. The length and depth of training is tailored to the needs of the audience.


Rob frequently speaks on the value of collaborative selling and cohesive organizational culture, inspiring audiences of varying sizes with humor, relevant stories, bringing actionable advice of immediate benefit to his listeners.

We recognize that each organization faces a unique set of challenges and opportunities. To ensure an experience that is customized to your unique needs and conditions, we provide the vast majority of our service and support in person; in the ‘trenches’ with you.

We work firsthand as ‘Partners in Progress’ for any length of time that is required to ensure your objectives are met. And in that spirit, we work not just with the senior leadership team but also with the employees at all levels of the organization based on our understanding of the importance of being where the need is.